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The Trail Blazing Pedego Ridge Rider

The Ridge Rider is a mountain bike powered by an impressive 500 watt Dapu brushless geared rear hub motor. The bike has five levels of pedal assist (PAS) with a throttle override for full power on demand at each level plus a throttle-only mode. The motor was more than equal to any ascent that we attempted and the drivetrain and brakes performed with the excellence we expected of them.


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The Route: Let’s Ride PV

Rancho Palos Verdes has some of the best coastal cycling in Southern California. Due to its proximity to the coast it’s usually cooler than any inland areas during the summer months. It has relatively light motor vehicle traffic and bike lanes on the busier roads.
Issue 142: Early Summer 2017

Issue 142: Early Summer 2017

Another way to change your experience is by including a different type of cycling in your routine. Are you a commuter? Maybe now is the time to start training for a weekend race. Are you dedicated to dirt? Consider giving commuting a spin. Even just for a cup of coffee.