The magazine, BICYCLIST: SoCal & Beyond, is released 10 times per year with print editions made available free to the public at more than 1000 better bike shops, breweries and coffee shops throughout the West Coast. The central purpose of the publication is guiding and inspiring bicycle riding for sport, activity, and transportation. We’ve been waving the cycling flag in Southern California since 1994 and hope to inspire your ride whether you live in Southern California or beyond its borders.

The digital edition of the magazine is complimented by the podcast, a weekly show with event updates, news and extended discussion of the content in the magazine. acts as the central repository and archive for BICYCLIST magazine. In addition, our event calendar contains more than 500 unique events that serve as opportunities to join others in organized bike events, races, and festivals throughout the western United States. To help you with your search, the calendar is broken down by discipline, but you can also find events by location and date.


Guide active cyclists with information that will enhance their riding experience.

Encourage aspirational cyclists to become active members of the cycling community.

Create engaging content that is as informative as it is entertaining.

Inspire fans to find adventure, build and participate in communities, and explore.

Advocate for the bicycling lifestyle in the western United States.


events//  Organized recreation, pro/am competition and festivals.

culture // Off the bike, on the bike, and everything in-between.

provisions // The goods that go along with the  life of the bicyclist.

adventure // Discover by bike, discover thyself.

advocacy //  Improving the experience of riding a bicycle for everyone.

Founded by Will Decker in 1994

Bicyclist: SoCal & Beyond
14252 Culver Dr.  Irvine, CA 92604
T: 949-264-3346